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Once you have run a search, you also have various facets in the left menu that can help you narrow your results by license type along with other features of the image. Creative Commons The Creative Commons website includes an option to search for Creative Commons content across numerous sources, including Flickr, Google and Wikimedia Commons among many others. Europeana Europeana is an online collection of content from European libraries, archives, museums and other institutions. Once you run a search in their search bar, you can limit your results to items that are freely usable or available under a Creative Commons license using the facets under Copyright in the left menu.

Flickr This section of Flickr offers images that are available under a Creative Commons license and also explains the different types of Creative Commons licenses. You can also search for Creative Commons-licensed images on Flickr by going to the advanced search link in the upper right hand corner of the page and checking the appropriate boxes in the Creative Commons section at the bottom of the advanced search page.

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One advantage of this site is that it offers a mobile interface. Google Images While not all images on Google Images are Creative Commons licensed, it is possible to limit your search results to only images available under a Creative Commons license. To do so, run your search in the standard Google Image search bar and then on the results page, click on search tools just below the search box. A further drop down menu will then appear with usage rights as one of the options.

From there, users can limit results to the proper rights.

Unfortunately, they do not use the exact language of Creative Commons licenses, but you can nevertheless use the service to find usable images. Users can enter up to five colors simultaneously and will return dozens of images that include all of the selected colors. Images are pulled from Flickr. Openclipart This site offers a wide range of clip art images that are released under a Creative Commons 0 or CC0 license and are therefore available for any use with or without attribution.

When you download any image, you can also download the necessary HTML to appropriately attribute the image to its creator. Photos for Class Designed for teachers, this tool allows users to search through Creative Commons images that are appropriate for the classroom. As an added bonus, citation information is automatically included when the images are downloaded.

Wikimedia Commons This site offers fully searchable access to media, including images, sounds and videos, that has been uploaded by users, mostly for use on Wikipedia. Most of the content is available under some sort of Creative Commons license and licensing information is clearly provided at the bottom of each piece of media's individual page. Audio Content.

Perspectives in Digital Culture/Creative Commons and Participation

Public Domain Audio Content The resources below offer access to music and other audio files in the public domain. While much of the site is devoted to scores, it also includes some audio files. Musopen Run by a non-profit with an aim of making music freely and openly available, Musopen provides access to public domain music and allows users to upload music that is in the public domain. The site also offers access to public domain sheet music. Digital History This resource from the University of Texas, the University of Houston and the University of Hawaii provides access to historical music that their research has indicated is in the public domain.

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According to their content use page , this content is "generally not copyrighted" and may be reused. Creative Commons Audio Content If you aren't able to find a public domain audio clip that suits your purposes, there are also many resources available to find music and other sounds that have been licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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Freesound This website makes it easy for users to upload sounds they have recorded or created and license them under a Creative Commons license. Users can choose to release their works into the public domain or select one of two Creative Commons licenses, so it is important to review the specific licensing and attribution information for each sound you plan to use.


Jamendo This service allows users to limit their searches to only music that is licensed under specific Creative Commons licenses using their Advanced Search features. Opsound All audio files on this site are in the public domain or licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike license. You can find specific information about the license attached to each piece under the link to the file.

While the site indicates that the music is "free," it is important to note that this is not synonymous with "in the Public Domain," so you will need to review the license information for the music to ensure you attribute it properly. Video Content. Public Domain Video Content These tools will help you find public domain videos from a variety of sources.

Copyleft vs. Copyright: 3 Key Concepts You Need to Know

National Park Service B-Roll archive This website provides access to public domain videos from National Park service sites, "including national parks, monuments, battlefields, historic sites and related areas". Prelinger Archive This archive, which is on the Internet Archive, offers access to a large number of public domain movies and videos.

Skip to main content. Copyright and Creative Commons. Explained by Common Craft. Toggle Dropdown Hungarian Korean Chinese. Related Videos - View All Videos. Explain Your Ideas with Cut-outs Make your next creative project remarkable using our library of 3, original, matching visuals. Develop powerful explanation skills. Copyright and Intellectual Property Toolkit Here you can find information, resources, and tools to address copyright issues and concerns in research and teaching. Types of Publishing Agreements How do I find licensed material?

Creative Commons Search This search tool allows you to search different providers for items that are specifically licensed under a CC license. Google Advanced Image Search At the bottom of this form is an option for "usage rights" - here you can select among the options for freely reusable material with different restrictions analogous to the Creative Commons licenses. Unsplash Unsplash contains professional stock photographs that are licensed for reuse both commercially and non-commercially. What are licenses? Creative Commons Creative Commons licenses are applied by the copyright owner to their own works.

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