The Yuletide Yorkshire (Minx Tobin Mysteries Book 5)

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Susanne Marie Knight

Each character has a distinctive voice The novel is sweet for romance readers with Gabe and Minx sharing a tender touch. This is the first in the Minx Tobin series by talented author Susanne Marie Knight and you'll be waiting for the next one, just to see what happens next. The hint of romance blended in, promise sparks will fly. I'm pleased to recommend The Bloodstained Bistro to any mystery fan.

The interesting settings and characters will keep you reading. I did. A nice way to pass the time! And I'm so excited to read the next book in the series. All the characters are wonderful! Reviews 4 Stars! This book is one that is a good way to spend a few hours on a cold winter day. Not a cliffhanger. George's Cres.. Church St. Crab Winches, suit slips. J cheap: trial in boat.

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Susanne Marie Knight

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‎The Bloodstained Bistro (Minx Tobin Murder Mystery Series, Case 1) on Apple Books

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Electronic copies of this sexy and fun murder mystery romance series is now available at Amazon. Subscribe in a reader. She also is a seven-time EPPIE finalist and two-time Dream Realm finalist and writes in such diverse genres as Regency, paranormal, science fiction, mystery, suspense, time-travel, and contemporaries.