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Our walking alternative tours showcase best Ljubljana sights from a community-conscious perspective. Powered by the Institute for Urban Questions, our private and free Ljubljana alternative tours reveal quirky local histories and contemporary grass-root initiatives.

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Wondering what to see in Ljubljana? We deliver free tours in Ljubljana and private walking tours in Ljubljana on a regular base. Tim is a graffiti writer, muralist, illustrator, puppet maker, and clothing designer. After his apprenticeship under the supervision of the painter Zmago Puhar, Tim dedicated his energy to art. Tim is also an active member of the youth association SubArt where he regularly leads all sorts of workshops for youngsters and kids. A former journalist and art critic, she still works for the best indie radio in town, Radio Student, as an audio technician, cameraman and video editor.

A Walk on the Wild Side - Wikiquote

She travelled and exhibited all over the world, including China where she spent two incredible years. A photographer and visual artist, Nejc is deeply connected to urban and analogue culture. Combining his artistic passions, he started creating stencils out of his own photos. In time he came up with a unique street art style while also working in graphics and photography.

Nejc is interested in developing a contemporary artistic approach that puts forward an emotional response to social issues. You can check out his work on his website! An eager traveler, he has spent a great amount of time breathing in spray can odour in various parts of the world, managed to co-write a book on the local and international graffiti scene, and worked shoulder to shoulder with outstanding street artists. Besides wandering the streets of Ljubljana, he is wrapping up his book on the practice of tattooing in the former Yugoslavia and writing a PhD thesis on the sensory perceptions of Ljubljana.

An archaeology graduate, Katja is interested in both humanities and science. She is not a part of any subcultures, subcultures are a part of her. Once a streetpunk band frontwoman and still a regular gig-goer, Katja is coming from one of Ljubljana's most in famous neighbourhoods. Long-term street art fan, squatting and DIY activism supporter, gardener, dog owner, oriental dancer, and enthusiastic reader. Art and creativity are soul food, treat yourself to it. A fan of graffiti and street art for as long as she can remember.

Before Your Adventure Begins

Got even a better personal insight into this colorful world when she interviewed local graffiti artists for her bachelor thesis in geography. As a fan of street photography and landscape photography Leni is used to get up at strange hours to capture the mystic of the morning light.

Horrorshow cover Lou Reed's 'Walk On The Wild Side' and 'Can I Kick It?' by A Tribe Called Quest

A cultural-sociology graduate, Tina is very interested in critical and analytical approaches towards various forms of art, from music and literature to visual arts. The more hidden the meaning the sweeter the revelation. Apart from being a member of the Alternative Ljubljana team, Tina is also a frontwoman in Ljubljana-based electro postpunk band Ludovik Material.

Day 1 - Cape Otway to Castle Cove

Activist in various grassroot culture and youth organizations became an NGO project manager by chance. Paper muddler by day reserves her evenings for live music events. Always sticking her nose into every sticker at the back of traffic signs, this street art appreciator will take you round the best gallery in town — the streets.

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I took a brief look around, dropped to one knee like I was tying my laces hard to do on boots without any and quickly grabbed everything I could off the dusty ground. My haul consisted of around a dozen leather strips of varying lengths, and a bunch of scraps.

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The first thing I did was to use the longest piece as a belt for my baggy trousers. My hands shook so much from my little heist, it took a number of goes to tie a knot.

Walk down memory lane

I slipped my stick inside the belt like a wooden sword hanging at my waist. Once I got that sorted, I waited for my heart to stop hammering and then checked the rest of the pieces. They were strong and supple, if a little hairy. I was sure I could make some sort of sling, maybe a couple.

The larger pieces might even be enough to make a sap. From what I could remember from a YouTube video I had came across during my wasted youth, all you needed was some lead encased in leather, with a strap to give it some whip.

Restore . Empower . Transform

By all accounts a ridiculously effective weapon for breaking bones and knocking people out. I looked across the street at the smithy, wondering what I might find lying around on the floor over there. Before I knew what I was doing, I had wandered closer, my eyes glued to the floor. Old nails, broken handles, rusty keys—it was like a treasure trove of scrap metal.

Surely nobody would mind if I took one or two bits of junk?